"The Vision of Motivational Minutes Incorporated is to help individuals reach their maximum potential and to find their purpose by discovering and developing the 'You in You'." -Billy Joe Watts

We believe that motivation is good but temporary and that when an individual finds their life's purpose, they will become a leader that can use their internal resources as a basis for true life success, and achievement.

We believe that unleashing your potential for excellence is one of the cornerstones of life and that every dream can be realized if you:

Care more than others think is wise;
Risk more than others think is safe;
Dream more than others think is practical;
Expect more than others think is possible.


The Strategy of MMI is to focus on Seminars that will enable individuals in your Organization to

  • Be a People Person
  • Develop Better Communication Skills
  • Deal with Difficult People
  • Have Teamwork
  • The Importance of Change in the Workplace
  • Thinking Success Thoughts
  • The Five Essential Rules of Leadership
  • Making Great Discoveries…….
And many, many more!

"Your special gifts must be recognized, responded to, and developed." Billy Joe Watts

Billionaire H.L. Hunt believed that success requires three things: "First decide exactly what it is you want. Secondly, determine the price you're going to have to pay to get it and, finally, resolve to pay that price."

"Success is a dream turned into reality." Billy Joe Watts
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