What People are Saying

"It is always an honor to have Mr. Watts speak at our graduation ceremonies. His humor and enthusiasm is always uplifting for the audience. His gifts and talents lie in his ability to capture the essence of the human spirit."
Susan Rone, Director, Platt College,
Tulsa Oklahoma

"We are very proud and grateful of our association with Billy Joe Watts. His Character and Reputation is the best we've dealt with and would recommend him to anyone looking for a business associate or mentor for their organization. He spoke at our Christmas Party. The Employees enjoyed hearing him speak, encouraging and motivating them. Billy Joe Watts is by far one of the most excellent Motivational Speakers."
Bob Townsend, CEO, Custom Heating & Air

"Thank you for the inspiring commencement address presented to the Class of 2003. Our graduates and guests are sure to examine their identities and be inspired to develop the "You in You". Many students, teachers, and guests have echoed good remarks about the challenging commencement address and all alike have been encouraged to explore their potential. On behalf of Tulsa School for Science and Technology, we thank you for your charge to the Class of 2003"
Cynthia Macarevich, Principal, Tulsa Public Schools

"Intriguing, thought provoking, exciting, and inspiring are a few of the many words that come to mind when speaking about Motivational Minutes Inc.

Billy Joe Watts has the ability to unlock the potential in others. He captivates his audience and leads them to the keys that help in their personal, professional, and spiritual success. Billy Joe Watts is a man of Integrity and Purpose, the eloquence and method in which he speaks defines the make-up of his character. He is definitely a Leader that can and will bring out the "You in You".

Allyson L. Watson, PhD

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